KIC Presents: Dice of Surprises

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Social activities committee
Date and time
Dec 13, 2022 20:00 - 22:00

KIC Presents: Dice of Surprises

Hello dear KIC members, 

December is all about fun, cosiness, and giving gifts to friends and family. 👪 KIC is one big family, and that’s why the SACO would like to celebrate this fun month with you. Old and familiar, but also with a fun twist! 💗

The SACO invites you to 'Dice Of Surprises', the typical ‘Sinterklaas’ dice rolling game! 🎲 On Tuesday 13 December we will sit in a circle and use two dices with which you can win some of the gifts. 🎁 Tasty snacks and drinks will certainly not be missing.

If you want to participate in this activity you must make your own contribution, by buying a number of gifts for the game on which you spend around €5. Preferably with one nice gift and one funny gift. Also, only a maximum of 30 participants can join the game, so be quick! ❗

We are very much looking forward to it. And, psssst… we heard from Sinterklaas that this dice game is unlike any other! 😉

Also curious? Sign up quickly for 'Dice Of Surprises'!


You can sign up via the dutch website!

Activity: "Dice of Surprises" (‘Sinterklaas’ dice rolling game)

Date: Tuesday, December 13

Time: 19:30 doors open, 20:00 start

Location: still unknown

Contribution: €5 in gifts (which include one nice gift, and one funny gift)


Until then dear KIC members, and happy holidays in advance! 🥂

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