Yearbook committee

Yearbook committee


Hey lovely people!

This year I am the chairwomen of the yearbook committee and together with Marit Dotinga, Dagmar Hoekstra, Lisa Winter and Saar Speijers we will create the yearbook.

We come up with a theme with matching interview questions and a design for the yearbook. Starting in January we will visit every committee to interview them and we are very

excited about this. Besides the interviews, the yearbook is also filled with stories about the trips, quotes and photos.

The most fun part about this committee is that we get to know all the active members real fast and we can’t wait to visit everyone. The active member’s weekend is also a memorable moment for us, because this is when everyone will receive their yearbook.

We already came up with an amazing theme for the yearbook and we’re currently working on the questions and the design. What the theme will be, is still a secret.

We’re going to make this year a great one and we’re looking forward to visiting every committee!


Laura Mossel

Chairman yearbook committee ’20 – ‘21

Yearbook committee

Laura Mossel (2019) Chairwoman
Dagmar Hoekstra (2018) Vice-chairwoman
Saar Speijers (2018) Secretary
Marit Dotinga (2019) Treasurer
Lisa Winter (2020) Writer

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