Yearbook committee

Yearbook committee

Hello dear KIC-members!

This year me and four other amazing girls (Annelie la Riviere, Estelle van Hengel, Rosan van der Schoot en Willemien ter Haar) are responsible for creating the yearbook of Study Association KIC. As the yearbook committee we are in charge of coming up with both the theme and corresponding interview questions, the all-over look and design of the yearbook, interviewing all the different committees and writing reports on all the different trips. You can also find all the pictures taken at the drinks and of all the other activities KIC organizes in the yearbook. The best thing about being in the yearbook committee, is the fact that you get to know all of the committees of KIC inside and out because of the interviews. We work hard all year to create the ultimate overview of your year at KIC! The yearbook will be given out during the active members weekend.

We are looking forward to all the interviews!

Much love,

Loïs Houwen


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