Partners and sponsors


Study association KIC strives to make the gap between students and the working industry as small as possible. Creating and maintaining strong bonds with our partners is one of or biggest priorities. We are always looking for new chances and ideas.

Do you see a potential collaboration between study association KIC and your company? Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss the possibilities. For more information you can get in touch with the coordinator of external affairs.

Below you can find the current partners of Study association KIC. We thank our current partners for the collaboration.

De Brouwerij

De Brouwerij is the local pub of study association KIC, where we host our monthly drinks. De Brouwerij is the cozy brown cafe in the Poelestraat in Groningen and is working on renewing their concept to a spatial, robust and yet warm and cozy cafe.


Totally powered by Husk

Totally organises the most fun ski trips for the best prize, with beautiful skiing areas and amazing parties.


Our sponsors