Studio KIC

Studio KIC

Hey everyone!

Perhaps you have seen them, the nice and colourful posters for the KIC-drinks. Perhaps you went to one of our drinks and you’re on a picture. A picture you can find on our webpage of Study Association KIC. These posters and pictures are made by Studio KIC, the most creative and fun committee of Study Association KIC!

But who or what is Studio KIC? Studio KIC is a big committee because we are a group of eight students (Eva Kraaijeveld, Sylvester Valens, Jan van Timmeren, Bo Thiede, Jessy Wever, Flores, Bastian Cuperus and me) where everyone has a preference for graphic design or photography. Beside creating posters and making pictures at events, Studio KIC also makes aftermovies and the KIC journal. By working together and learning from each other, we learn to work with the Adobe programmes and the equipment which is needed for photography and aftermovies.

Besides designing, photographing and filming it is of course also fun. Every week, we have a committee evening with some alcoholic beverages and a lot of humour.

Curious about what Studio KIC is going to make this year? Keep an eye on the website of Study Association KIC.

Yours truly,

Olaf Haazer, chairman Studio KIC ’18-’19


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