Studio KIC

Studio KIC 2022 - 2023


Studio KIC

Marjolein Roerig (2019) Chairwoman
Laura Schilstra (2022) Vice-chairwoman
Nina Blaauw (2021) Secretary
Jesse Weijn (2018) Member
ilse van Duijn (2022) Member
Vera Lokhorst (2022) Member

Hi dear Kiccers,

We are studio KIC consisting of Marjolein Roerig, Laura Schilstra, Nina Blaauw, Jesse Weijn, Vera Lokhorst and Ilse van Duijn. Our goal this year is to make sure that all the amazing things we do at KIC are on camera! We shoot photo's during activities, after movies of the trips and 3 times a year a KIC journal. We are all very creative and love to create different pieces of content to show KIC. PS, Don't forget to smile when you see our camera ;)

Lots of love,

Marjolein Roerig

Chairwoman '22-'23