Studio KIC

Studio KIC

Anna Freriks (2019) Member
Roos de Goede (2017) Member
Dagmar Hoekstra (2018) Member
Guus van de Meer (2019) Member
Bobby Thiede (2018) Member
Daniël van Triet (2019) Member
Jessy Wever (2017) Chairwoman

Hello grapes!

Let’s get straight to the point, we are Studio KIC! The nicest, most creative, funniest, most colorful, funniest, nicest committee of Study Association KIC. Let me introduce ourselves, studio consists of 8 creative students; Bobby Thiede, Roos de Goede, Dagmar Hoekstra, Daniël van Triet, Guus van der Meer, Anna Freriks, Marjolein Tiggelaar and myself Jessy Wever.

This year we deal with all graphic design (except social media, because that is Bas his domain) for KIC activities. Think of all the (drink) posters, banners, drink photos, the KIC news and of course the aftermovies! Inside studio there are never the craziest ideas and we are open for everything. Studio is also an ideal place to discover your skills and develop yourself further in the graphic and audio visual field and you are already building up a portfolio!

Besides that studio is always busy with graphic designing, there is of course also time for fun! Every week we have a committee evening, we eat together, we meet together and then the beers and jokes come out.  In the evening, we can often be found in our KIC favorite pub: De Brouwerij.

We are going to create beautiful things this year! And who knows when you will see us again on your retina / screen!

Lots of love,

Jessy Wever

Chairwoman Studio KIC ’19-’20


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