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Studio KIC


Dear fun KIC members, 

Welcome to this new vlog! Okay no wait, again… We are studio KIC and despite the fact that we don’t make vlogs, we are busy with all the other fun audiovisual things that need to be made within the study association. We have a great team of creatives for this, consisting of 6 students: Guus van der Meer, Femke Ottens, Marieke Moorman, Myrte Venema, Rafaël van Leeuwen and I, Daniël van Triet.

Studio KIC has been thoroughly changed this year. Where we previously also created posters and banners, this has now been transferred to a new committee: the promotion committee.

Armed with cameras, studio nowadays sets out to tackle everything audiovisual. Think of photos during events and drinks, but especially the aftermovies, funny videos and the ‘KIC-journaal’ should not be missing. If you couldn't attend an event, we from studio will make sure that you still get that great feeling through the sick aftermovies and recap videos. And we got you covered for the insta-worthy photos if you can be there ;).

When all work is done, we like to hang out together. For example, every week we have a committee evening where everything can be discussed with each other and the craziest ideas sometimes become reality. With six creative souls, those ideas can't be crazy enough. Some nice cold beers will always help the situation, of course. 

We hope to entertain you next year and maybe you’ll see us on your screen soon. 

#like and #subscribe, 

Daniël van Triet 

Chairman studio KIC '20 – ‘21

Studio KIC

Daniël van Triet (2019) Chairman
Guus van der Meer (2019) Vice-chairman
Marieke Moorman (2020) Secretary
Myrte Naomi Venema (2019) Member
Rafaël van Leeuwen (2020) Member
Femke Ottens (2020) Member

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