It's great that you're interested in becoming a member of our study association! Below is explained how the registration and deregistration works and how much it costs. Do you have more questions about your membership? Please send an email to

What exactly is a study association?
A study association organizes both social and study-related activities. Think of monthly drinks, excursions and a trip abroad. To expand the curriculum, we organize lectures and workshops with people from the field, we organize a conference, help building a network and much more.

You can register at any time and it costs € 12.00 per year. Are you registering after February? Then you only have to pay € 6.00 for the rest of the year. You can enroll online via this page, but you can also always drop by the office.

Do you no longer want to be a member of the association? Send an email with your name to no later than 31 August to deregister. This is also the only legally valid way to unsubscribe. Your membership will be terminated when you receive a written confirmation from the secretary. Please note: when you unsubscribe on or after September 1st, you will still be a member for the next school year and you will have to pay the membership fee for that year as well.

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