Advisory and Supervisory Board

Advisory and Supervisory Board


We provide the board with solicited and unsolicited advice. We are in touch every week in an informal way, and are the board’s sparring partner. The RvAT has no executive tasks within KIC, but in addition to the advisory role, we also have a supervising role.

The General Members Assembly (ALV in Dutch) is the highest unit of KIC. The RvAT falls under that. The board is ultimately responsible for keeping the association running.

What does the RvAT do?

  • stimulate ideas of the board
  • actively facilitate the board to realize those ideas
  • checks whether the board complies with the statutes and bylaws
  • guarantees continuity, even when the board year ends
  • monitors and safeguards the financial health of KIC (together with the audit committee)

When does the board contact the RvAT?

  • for expenses over €500,-
  • when decisions also have consequences for the years after the current board year ends
  • in case of disagreement within the board
  • during the application period (for the new board)
  • in case of problems with compliance with the board’s policy plan

When can you (as a member) contact the RvAT?

The KIC board is the first point of contact for questions and problems. If you cannot reach an agreement with the board, or if you are unable to discuss something with the board, you can contact the RvAT.


Current members of the RvAT

The RvAT consists of at least two and a maximum of seven people. Ideally, there is at least one former board member and one SCMI employee.

  • Chairman: Bastian Cuperus (former board member 19-20)
  • Lidewij Kiel (lecturer at SCMI)
  • Marten Duit (former board member 14-15)
  • Salwa Issa (former board member 19-20)
  • Flores Bootsma (former board member 20-21)
  • Esmée Masson (former board member 22-23)

“We aspire to work with a creative and innovative board that would like to make something of its board year. Although this is done under the supervision of the RvAT, we believe it is important that the initiative for management lies with the board.”