Introduction committee

Introduction committee

Tirza Griep (2019) Member
Daphne Kramer (2019) Member
Myrte Naomi Venema (2019) Treasurer
Aniek Weerstra (2018) Vice-chairwoman
Celine Zeelen (2017) Chairwoman

Hello dear KIC-ers!

This year I am the chairwoman of the KIC introduction committee. Together with Aniek Weerstra, Daphne Kramer, Tirza Griep and Myrte Venema, I am responsible for making it an unforgettable introduction week next year!

We have already started looking for a great location and we are already thinking of a nice theme for the week.

We meet every week and also enjoy cooking together, eating or going out.

We are also looking for buddies (supervisor of a class throughout the week) and event crew members (help during the camp).

If you would like to help us during the introduction week or if you have any questions, you can send an email to

 We are looking forward to it, hopefully you too!

See you in the introduction week!


 Celine Zeelen


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