Introduction committee

Introduction committee


Dearest KIC members,

Among all the amazing activities from KIC, is one very memorable one the introduction week. A whole week filled with bonding and awesome parties, plus an unforgettable camp. Here everybody can show their true colors. And even though COVID-19 has been getting in our way all year, we got the chance to brighten your screens with the one and only KIC’s online pub quiz during the last introduction week.

The introduction committee is extremely diverse. We are not only organizing; we are also very creative and communicative. Everyone has the opportunity to show their talents. And then at the end of your committee year, the best week of the whole year takes place. Full of fun and craziness. In addition, we are looking for buddies and event crew each year. They help us in this busy week, they supervise all the new students and help us run everything smoothly behind the scenes.

Now I, as the chairwoman, get to proudly present to you my crazy, but wonderful committee. This committee consists of me, Celine Zeelen, Esmée Masson, Wieger Zijlstra, Jurjen Veenstra and Mirthe van Schilt. Every week we have a committee evening, where we eat something delicious, have a short meeting and then the drinks and games get on the table. Normally, we would have loved to get the party started at De Brouwerij, but for now we will just do this at home.

One way or another, we are going to provide a phenomenal introduction week and hope to see you there!!

Lots of love,

Tirza Griep

Chairman introduction committee ’20 – ’21

Introduction committee

Tirza Griep (2019) Chairwoman
Celine Zeelen (2017) Vice-chairwoman
Esmée Masson (2019) Secretary
Jurjen Veenstra (2020) Treasurer
Wieger Zijlstra (2017) Head eventcrew
Mirthe van Schilt (2020) Head buddycrew

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