Alumni commitee

Alumni committee 2022 - 2023


Alumni committee

Mirjam van Dijk (2018) Chairwoman
Jessy Wever (2017) Vice-chairwoman
Celine Zeelen (2017) Secretary
Guus van der Meer (2019) Member
Ruben Everts (2019) Treasurer
Myrte Venema (2019) Member

Hello dear KIC members!

After four years of studying (or longer) it's time to say goodbye to school, but you can't let go of your favourite association KIC.. Don't worry! Because KIC also organizes fun activities for the alumni members! Think of a dinner party, beer tasting or city walk. These fantastic activities are made possible by the nicest elderly committee of KIC! The Alumni Committee!

At the Alumni, we are mainly concerned with keeping track of all new alumni members, coming up with fun, appropriate activities for these alumni members and keeping our Instagram up to date (are you an alumnus? Then follow us @svkic_alumni).

But who is in this cool committee?


This year I am proud to represent the alumni together with four other fantastic members! These members are: Celine Zeelen, Jessy Wever, Guus van der Meer and Ruben Everts!

We all like a little chat, so come and meet us at the next KIC drink or alumni activity!

Greetings from the Alumni!
Mirjam van Dijk