Social activities committee

Social activities committee 2022 - 2023


Social activities committee

Vera Mossel (2019) Chairwoman
Rafaël van Leeuwen (2020) Vice-chairman
Elisa Shengxia Richard (2022) Secretary
Ruben Boorsma (2022) Treasurer
Deliza Starke (2021) Member

Not an activity too big or a party too much, we are the social activities committee of the study association 2022 - 2023!

I, Vera Mossel, have the honour this year to fulfil the role of chairwoman and organise amazing events together with this amazing committee. This together with a group of amazing spontaneous and fun group of people, let me introduce you to Deliza Starke, Elisa Shengxia Richard, Ruben Boorsma and Rafaël van Leeuwen.

The goal of these events is to bring the members together and get to know each other. With all these activities we can really pull everything out of time as a student.

We hope to see you at one of our activities!

Lots of love

Vera Mossel

Chairwoman the social activities committee '22-'23