Social activities committee

Social activities committee 2023 - 2024


Social activities committee

Lisa Hazelaar (2022) Chairwoman
Myrte Venema (2019) Vice-chairwoman
Marnix Dufournij (2023) Secretary
Fleur Anjema (2022) Treasurer
Youp Alblas (2023) Member
Loes Hindriks (2021) Member
Ruby Berkhoff (2023) Member

We are the social activities committee and will be providing fun drinks and activities in the coming year! Our aim with these activities is to bring all members closer together and give them a good time. This fun committee consists of Youp, Marnix, Loes, Ruby, Myrte, Fleur & Lisa. Our expectations for this year are to come up with original themes and activities and to incorporate members' wishes. In any case, we are really looking forward to it this year, hopefully you are too! And together we will join in the most fun get-togethers and activities :)

Lots of love from the SACO <3