Domestic travel committee

Domestic travel committee 2022 - 2023


Domestic trip committee

Merle Beier (2021) Chairwoman
Pam Nijboer (2020) Vice-chairwoman
Martine de Wolf (2020) Secretary
Sofie van der Zee (2018) Treasurer
Lisa Hazelaar (2022) Member

Hey all,

This year I am going to organise together with 4 other lovely girls, not one, but at least 2 trips! I would like to introduce you to Lisa, Martine, Pam and Sofie! One by one, super enthusiastic and driven girls who are eager to organise these amazing trips. In March, we organise the first domestic trip, but the destination is still a surprise.  until the drink in January. In October it is the highest time for the yearly hitchhike competition where we go abroad! We are looking very forward to all these lovely travel adventures!

Lots of love,

Merle Beier

Chairwoman domestic travel committee '22-'23