Domestic travel committee

Domestic travel committee


Hi dear (old) KIC members,

The alumni committee: where this committee was a first in KIC's history last year, we will continue this committee with great enthusiasm this year! I, Salwa Issa, am proud to introduce the alumni committee '20 – ‘21 to you. Some of my committee members have been around for so long that they may not even need an introduction. Starting with the graduates of the committee, we have Rosa van der Woude, Boyen de Leeuw, and Michiel van Hemel. Fun facts: Rosa was in the first career committee ever back in 2016, Boyen celebrates his second lustrum at KIC this year and Michiel only became an active member in his graduation year. Then we have Maja Pavić, who we welcome back with open arms after she left KIC for a year.

Together we want to make sure former members get in contact with our beloved study association and with each other again. We will do this by organizing various activities aimed at alumni. Also curious what we have in store for you, our former members? Keep an eye on KIC's socials!

Lots of love,

On behalf of the alumni committee,

Salwa Issa

Domestic travel committee

Daan Heijnen (2016) Chairman
Jorrit Tempels (2019) Vice-chairman
Richtje Hotsma (2020) Secretary
Lotte Roelofs (2019) Treasurer
Hannah van Vliet (2019) Member
Ruben Everts (2019) Member

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