About KIC

About KIC

KIC stands for 'Keen In Communication' and is the study association for the Institute for Communication, Media & IT at the Hanze University Groningen. The courses Communication, International Communication and Communication & Multimedia Design are connected to this institute. It is important to know that KIC is not a student association, but a study association. 

What exactly is a study association?
A study association organizes both social and study related activities. Think of monthly drinks, excursions and various trips. To expand the curriculum, we organize lectures and workshops with people from the field, we organize a conference, we help building a network and much more.

What is the difference between a general member and an active member?
Study association KIC currently has thirteen committees. If you are part of a committee, you are actively contributing to the association and are an active member. Are you not part of a committee? Then you are a general member.

What advantages do I get from my membership as a general member?
As a general member you can go to all the activities that study association KIC organizes, you get a discount at several companies and you get a big discount on the summaries we sell. By going to the activities, we can contribute to a little more fun in your student life, but it can also help to expand your network.

What benefits do I get from being an active member?
As an active member you can get the same benefits as a general member. However, as an active member you get discounts on the trips the KIC organizes, you can join the active member activities and you can join the active member weekend. This is mainly because you are committed to the association. By being a member of a committee, you can also expand your own skill set and develop yourself further next to school.