Editorial committee

Editorial committee


Dear KIC members,

The editorial committee of ’20 – ’21 is not only the cosiest, it is also one of the most creative committees within Study Association KIC and we would like to introduce ourselves to you. We are Marjolein Roerig, Martine Wolf, Mayke Pasman, Willemien ter Haar and Manon Carras.

As you all know, KIC organizes many fun events! We, the editorial committee, design a calendar every month so that you don’t have to miss anything. We also know exactly when we have an excuse to eat cake again because you will find the birthdays of all active members on the calendar. Are you curious about what is on the planning for this month, then take a quick look at the Facebook page of KIC. Are you unable to attend all activities, do you want to relive an activity, or do you no longer remember an activity very well? Don’t worry, we are writing reports about all those great events. So, you never have to miss anything! Our creativity can also be found in three very cool ‘KIC-in’ magazines with interesting interviews, columns, stories and games.

With love,

Manon Carras, chairman of the editorial committee ’20 – ‘21

Editorial committee

Manon Carras (2019) Chairwoman
Willemien ter Haar (2017) Vice-chairwoman
Marjolein Roerig (2019) Member
Mayke Pasman (2019) Member
Martine de Wolf (2020) Member

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