Editorial committee

Editorial committee

Nanouk Boelens (2018) Member
Daan Heijnen (2016) Vice-chairman
Eva Kraaijeveld (2018) Chairwoman
Rosa van der Woude (2016) Member

Dear KIC-members,

As an active member, nothing is more fun than staying up to date on all activities, news items and gossip within Study Association KIC. Perhaps you have already seen a calendar on the Facebook page or read a reportage on the website. During the year we are busy with publishing reportages, calendars, newsletters and last but not least, the three magazines that will be printed this year. This makes the editorial committee not only the most sociable but also one of the most creative committees within the Study Association KIC.

Together with Nanouk Boelens, Marieke Dinklo, Daan Heijnen, and Rosa van der Woude, I will make sure that you do not have to miss anything from Study Association KIC this year. All five of us are fond of both writing and designing and we like to work as a team. Every month we publish a themed calender. Because of these calendars, you will never forget to attend an activity or a birthday. In addition, we are extra vigilant during the activities of Study Association KIC so you can relive the activity while reading our extensive reportages. This year we are also involved in publishing newsletters. These newsletters are sent via email and contain a monthly overview. Last but not least, we are proud to introduce the KIC-in this year. The KIC-in will be the magazine of Study Association KIC which this year will receive three editions that will be physically released. In this magazine, you will find the latest trends, interesting interviews and columns, gossip that has never been told before and many more things that you as an active member certainly do not want to miss. Within the editorial committee, we benefit from each other's talents and we learn how to present a new expression in an original way every time. One thing is certain, there is no lack of creativity!

This year I can proudly call myself the chairwoman of the editorial committee. Together with my committee members, I am looking forward to a great year in which you are able to stay up-to-date and where we shift boundaries, visualize our creativity and above all, laugh a lot with each other.

Lots of love,

Eva Kraaijeveld, chairwoman of the editorial committee ’19 – ‘20


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