Promotion committee

Promotion committee


A new committee with known tasks!

Among all those Hanze UAS study associations, we must of course stand out with Study Association KIC. We are last but not least an association at the Institute for Communication,

Media & IT. We do this by working a lot with #ec6eaa, brand and appearance next year. We? Yes! We, the promotion committee!

The promotion committee consists of five members. Bastian, Nanouk, Rosan, Koosje and Danian. Five handsome and creative minds who will be responsible for creating the banners, posters, social media content and committee clothing for Study Association KIC next year. I, Bastian, am the oldest in terms of age and career at Study Association KIC and became famous last year with the phrase: ‘this is a design choice’. Nanouk and Rosan have also been part of multiple committees and will have a familiar face to many. In addition, it often emerges in the corridors that someone from the fifteenth board has a crush on Nanouk. For years and without prospect. Okay, we’ll continue. Koosje is the new member but this is not noticeable. Everyone says what he or she thinks, and this has already resulted in many hilarious moments. We are a new committee, but with familiar tasks. We are dealing with graphic tasks that were assigned to Studio KIC in previous years. Studio KIC has set the bar high in recent years, but I am sure we can match this bar. As a committee, we only want to agree on one thing with you. We make great things for you and you check the website every now and then and check our Instagram even more often!


The promotion committee

Promotion committee

Bastian Cuperus (2016) Chairman
Nanouk Boelens (2018) Vice-chairwoman
Koosje Mulder (2020) Secretary
Rosan van der schoot (2016) Member

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