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“Since March 11, 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 has been recognized as a pandemic”. It has been a few weeks, but this virus still confronts us every day. The daily trip to the supermarket is no longer the same, The Smooth Brothers is only open for take away and you can no longer go to De Brouwerij for your daily beers. Life is standing still; for you, for your best friend, for your favourite local pub and for that nice neighbour from across the street.

Because the virus messes up our lives, it is important to enjoy the little things around you. Take a walk more often, paint your white wall canary yellow or dance around in the room again. In addition to all the negative side effects, the virus also brings nice initiatives. As an individual you become more creative, so many people find out how to put together the most beautiful things, just from your own living room.

Study Association KIC has also continued this way. The fourteenth board has devoted itself with to continue the activities towards both active members and general members. From Houseparty meetings to Netflix Parties and a real KIC quiz; the association offers enough festivities to keep you entertained. What you are able to notice about these initiatives is that the members continue to keep in touch with each other. Everyone needs a bit of fun and friendship around them. So we beat each other at Houseparty with fancy dress parties and we enjoy hours at Netflix Party, where the classic ‘Shrek’ could not be missed. KIC takes care of the daily party in your own home and that is so important these days.

Of course, the hard work should also not be missed. For example, the introduction committee is still looking for buddies, the social activities committee organises online activities for members and the editorial committee is trying to make a spectacle of the latest magazine. Together we look for a way to continue, together we continue to show commitment and together we prepare for better days, the necessary beers and a lot of fun.

At the moment, everyone is busy coming up with the right interim solutions. For example, Efteling is working with other amusement parks and zoos on a "Going Out Safely Together" protocol, the hashtag #supportyourlocals is at the top of every trending list and organisations such as ‘Heel Groningen Helpt’ and ‘Gewoon Mensen’ make it possible that no individual is forgotten. However, you as an individual can also make a difference. Use this time to commit yourself to everyone who can use it and make room for new initiatives. Because that, that is what KIC stands for. 

The main message remains that KIC holds a certain positivity every day. We do this with all of us and together we come out stronger. So that when all this is over, we can have beers again in our favorite local pub. Will you be there?

Eva Kraaijeveld - Editorial Committee Study Association KIC



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