Dancing out of your comfort zone with Fran Palokaj

Dancing out of your comfort zone with Fran Palokaj

Monday November 30: the first workshop of the year! During the workshop Confidence & Charisma, students were challenged to go out of their comfort zone. By no one other than Fran Palokaj, student entrepreneur and co-founder of the BeMore foundation. The physical workshop was entirely given in English, so it was also very fun for our international members!

Fran is the co-founder and chairman of BeMore, a non-profit organization whose goal it is to help people in their personal growth. They organize monthly workshops given by professionals such as writers, coaches, investors, etc. In addition to events, they also write articles, create podcasts, create videos and research growth and development. In the Confidence & Charisma workshop, Fran speaks passionately about personal growth and how someone can have or develop self-confidence and charisma.

First everyone took a seat (five feet apart, of course), because this workshop was physically given in the beautiful auditorium of the Van Doorenveste. A few students could not be physically present, fortunately for them, a Zoom livestream was broadcast via BeMore’s account. When they were all present online, the workshop could begin.

When Fran started his story, you could immediately notice that he had both confidence and charisma. On the basis of a nice presentation he first talked about confidence: how does self-confidence work and how can you “fake” this yourself. Then, he moved on to the topic charisma. Why do some people have charisma and how can you develop it? It was an interactive workshop where many questions had been asked by Fran. He discussed these questions with a number of other students. For example, one of the questions was: What are three things you are confident about? This interactive part allowed you to discuss things with your fellow KIC members and get to know them better. There was also good online participation, where great conversations started.

Two parts of the workshop will remain with us for a long time: meditation and dancing. Dancing at a workshop on Confidence & Charisma? I can hear you think. During the workshop, Fran suddenly asked us to get up and dance as crazy as possible. This was quite uncomfortable at first, but in the end everyone let themselves go. The drinks in De Brouwerij were clearly missed. They also danced online and enjoyed the dance moves of the other KIC members. Towards the end of the workshop, a short meditation was held, during which you had to wish yourself and all those around you love. A very special moment, because everyone had their eyes closed and the auditorium was completely quiet for a few minutes…

At the end of the workshop we received another challenge from Fran. He challenged us to do something that’s outside of our comfort zone because: “It’s better to regret things you did than regret things you didn’t do”. 

The professional activities committee would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone again for participating in the workshop and to extend a special thank you to Fran Palokaj for giving this fantastic workshop, where everyone eventually left with a little more confidence and charisma. 

Femke Zaal & Martine de Wolf - Editorial committee and Sanne Heesbeen & Holly Jansen - Professional activities committee



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