Date night @KIC

Date night @KIC

In a time of closed bars and social bubbles, meeting new people does not come easy. Since we cannot spend our nights at De Brouwerij anymore, we do not see our fellow KIC’ers that much either. In short, it is all one sad story.

Luckily, the social activities committee did not give up and has organised a great activity. On Thursday December 10, KIC-Dates debuted. Participating members were divided into small groups and provided with some entertaining conversation starters.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you about the experiences of other groups, because obviously I was not there. However, I can give you an impression of KIC-Dates group 7. Are you curious about our evening, then read on.

As a group, we decided to meet in a safe way at the Royal House. Provided with snacks and drinks, the date could begin. The KIC-Dates dilemmas were soon introduced, so we could get to know each other. After discussing the dilemmas, the usual games were taken off the shelf. The games did not go very well, but the atmosphere was good.

Domestic trip destination
The surprise of the evening was the announcement of the domestic tip destination. From March 17 until March 19, we are going on a trip to another city in the Netherlands! The Domestic trip committee worked hard to make these few days a success, so we can enjoy a couple of days out of town. After a wonderful speech of Daan, praeses of the domestic trip committee, the committee finally revealed the destination. Drumroll… we are going to Utrecht!

Other than that, I do not know what else to say about this pleasant evening. For now, stay safe x

Willemien ter Haar - Editorial committee Study Association KIC



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