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Alexandra Alexandrova (2018) President
Marlena Conen (2017) External Affairs
Talea Korfé (2018) Treasurer
Camryn Therrien (2018) Social Media Manager

Established in 2015, the International Communication Unit (ICU) is the study section for Groningen’s International Communication students. ICU organizes various activities such as company visits, guest lectures, city trips and party events throughout the year.

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Blog 1

What is it like to be an International Communication student at Hanze UAS? What is it like to be an international student in the city of Groningen in general? Today I, a first-year IC student, am going to share my experience!

- written by Sabrina Botasheva


I remember, when I was on a plane on my way from Moscow to Amsterdam, I asked myself, what I expected from the city, from the school, from the program that I had chosen to study. And at that particular moment I realized that the answer was: I don’t know. I expected a lot of things and had no idea what to expect at the same time. I only had this strong feeling of anticipation burning down my whole body.

I arrived in Groningen a couple of days before the Welcome day. So, I had time to walk around and get to know the city a little bit. I must admit, it took me only two hours to fall in love with Groningen! Everyone knows that it is a student city, and this is exactly what makes Groningen so unique and different from the majority of other places. This city is alive, it has a heart. Groningen is so vibrant, so radiant. The energy of the adventurous, wild youth is feeling you up, whenever you walk in the city, you soak it in, and give your positive energy back. It is a city of the blossoming beauty, the city of knowledge, city of restlessness and, of course, the city of diversity.

But what about International Communication? In my opinion, this is one of the best programmes for those, who know that they want to work in the field of Communications, but still do not know what exactly they would love to do. International Communication programme offers such a wide range of professional perspectives: you can become whoever you want, starting from a journalist, PR manager and ending up with TV-host or impresario. Each block you get a magnificent opportunity to obtain and practice new skills and to try yourself in different areas on Communication. But to me, one of the most attractive elements in the program is that it is super international. In the last couple of month, I got an opportunity to meet people from all over the globe — I have classmates from Vietnam, Aruba, Georgia, Ukraine, Germany, Scotland and, of course, the Netherlands. Moreover, there is a guy in my class, who literally came from all over the world!  It is truly fascinating to get to know other cultures better, to find out some unexpected facts about different countries. And it becomes even more engaging when work in projects group starts. This valuable experience teaches how to interact with people with a different cultural background to work more efficient, prepares for the work in a collective and simply gives a priceless opportunity to make great friends.

And before I finish, I would also like to mention that the IC faculty has fantastic teachers. These are the people who are always there for the students, people who strive to help and explain everything we want to know. So, no one ever hesitates to approach them and ask something. Frankly speaking, this openness is something teachers really lacked in the place where I am from.

To wrap it up, coming here was the best decision I have ever made. The city is mesmerizing, people who surround me are amazing and very friendly, and the International Communication programme is definitely worth trying.

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