Travel committee

Travel committee

​Hi dearest KIC-members!

My name is Miguel Peijnenburg and together with Eva Hagreis, Tom Eggens, Dagmar Hoekstra, Charlotte Rekers and Jelle Braaksma, we form the travel committee.

The travel committee organizes the foreign trip which will take place in May 2019. At the moment, we are busy looking for the best location. Besides selecting the location and handling the transport and the hostel, we also organize activities for during the trip. We will visit the local university, schedule company visits and arrange fun, local surprises. But of course, there will be enough time during the day and night to get to know the city on your own.

You’ll have to wait a bit before you know where we will be going, this will be announced somewhere in the beginning of next year. We are certainly looking forward to it and we hope that everyone who reads this will come along!


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