Social activities

Social activities committee

Maud Beerda (2018) Member
Manon Carras (2019) Vice-chairwoman
Mirjam van Dijk (2018) Chairwoman
Jorrit Hofstra (2018) Treasurer
charlotte anna christine Rekers (2018) Member
Madelin Ruhé (2016) Member
Jesse Weijn (2018) Member

Hello dear KIC-members!

Have you ever been to one of the smashing KIC drinks that are every second Thursday of the month? Or maybe you have attended one of the KIC activities such as the cocktail workshop, beer tasting or karaoke party. These drinks and activities are made possible by the coolest committee of KIC! The Social activities committee (SACO).

At SACO we are mainly occupied with picking the themes for the drinks, a fun activity during the drinks and we ensure that De Brouwerij is decorated within the theme. By doing this, the KIC party committee makes every second Thursday of the month a great experience! And as the name of the committee probably already reveals, the SACO also creates the original activities that you and your other KIC friends can experience together.

But who is in that cool party committee?

*Drum roll*

This year I can proudly represent the SACO together with six other fantastic members! These members are: Madelin Ruhé, Charlotte Rekers, Jorrit Hofstra, Manon Carras, Jesse Weijn and Maud Beerda.

We all love to chat, so come and meet us at the next KIC drink!

Greetings from the SACO!

Mirjam van Dijk


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