Lustrum committee

Lustrum committee


This school year Study Association KIC is celebrating her 15th anniversary! In order to celebrate, the lustrum committee is working hard to make this into an unforgettable week. This committee has six members. First of all, Jessy Wever. She is the coordinator recruitment and promotion and will make sure you guys won’t miss a thing. Sanne van Gend is our external coordinator and is mainly contacting locations for our planned activities and recruiting sponsors. Britta Wienke and Tijs Ots are treasurers and event coordinators. Together they will ensure the activities run smoothly and keep a close eye on the committee’s spending. Femke van der Meer is the secretary. She is the right hand of the chairman and keeps the overview of the year planning. Nadeige Singh is the chairman of the lustrum committee. She is responsible for the decisions the committee makes and keeps the overall overview of all activities. Together we will make sure that there will be an amazing lustrum celebration in 2021, which you do not want to miss!

Lustrum Committee

Tijs Ots (2015) Coordinator events
Nadeige Singh (2016) Chairwoman
Femke van der Meer (2019) Vice-chairwoman / Secretary
Sanne van Gend (2019) Coordinator external
Jessy Wever (2017) Coordinator recruitment and promotion
Britta Wienke (2019) Treasurer

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