Congress committee

Congress committee

Dear KIC-ers!

This year, me and two other committee members (Basjan Kolkman and Anoek Klootwijk) have the privilege of being in a new committee. The congress committee! Maybe you attended last year? Or you intend to go this year? The congress of last year was organized by the board in association with the career committee. But for this year, they decided it deserved their own committee. The congress offers a few extras for the students, from guest speakers to workshops. The congress is themed to suit your education and offer a little extra. So if you, as a student, want to differentiate or need some extra inspiration then last years workshops like ‘Find your inner unicorn and sell it’ or a quest lesson from Petrus offer you unique opportunities. But we aren’t going to spoil you this years schedule, yet.

We’ll see you at the congress!

With kind regards,

Yoran Geres


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