Studievereniging KIC streeft er naar op de drempel tussen studenten en het bedrijfsleven zo klein mogelijk te maken. Actief contact onderhouden met onze partners is voor ons ook een hoge prioriteit. Wij zijn altijd op zoek naar nieuwe kansen en ideeën.

Ziet u een potentiële samenwerking tussen Studievereniging KIC en uw bedrijf? Schroom dan niet contact op te nemen om de mogelijkheden te bespreken. Voor meer informatie kunt u het partnervoorstel bekijken of contact opnemen met de extern coördinator.

Hieronder staan de huidige partners van Studievereniging KIC. Huidige betrokken partijen van Studievereniging KIC willen wij bedanken voor de samenwerking!

OTP is THE intermediary for internships in and around Groningen. Their goal is to be the connection between education and industry. They do this by acting as agents for internships, organising company visits for students and booking guest speakers. you can contact them for internships or graduation assignments, but also for temp jobs. on their homepage you can find openings to which you can respond right away. Once they receive your response they will be in touch with you. you can also register, and if so, please specify what sector you would like to be employed in. Would you like to know more? Contact Erik Kloosterman on +3150 2103431. He would love to help you!

On the outside it looks like a regular house, but already during restoration it turned out to have been a House of Fun. During the Belle Epoque it was often visited by Groningen’s finest: artists, writers, world traveler and other bohemian archetypes. You can enjoy your tapas during the whole evening, drink one of the 20 wines they serve per glass or eat oysters or “croquettes de sambas” at the bar. You could also throw your drink or party here. They open seven days a week for all persons that cannot live without them…

Emolife Street Fundraising is één van Nederlands grootste organisaties op het gebied van face-to-face marketing voor goede doelen, loterijen, omroepen, dagbladen, tijdschriften en energiemaatschappijen. De wervers werven in winkelstraten, tijdens evenementen en huis aan huis.

At fotofabriek.nlyou can create lasting memories of your best pictures!
The ‘Fotofabriek’ is located in Groningen and with the free Fotofabrieksoftware you can easily create a perfect product. The collection ranges from many different types of photo books and other products like calendars, diaries, business cards, or pictures printed on canvas, aluminum, wood or forex. We produce, create and package all the products in-house.
All orders are processed within 6 business days and are shipped to all preferred addresses in The Netherlands, Belgium or Germany.

Café de Brouwerij, formerly known as Ome Ko, has been a staple Groningen establishment for more than 12 years. Every month KIC organizes her monthly drinks here. De Brouwerij is also a great location for other drinks or parties. Even special arrangements can be made, like €1,20 per drink.

Skistuds organizes skiing trips for adolescents and students. It is part of Bizztravel LLC, a famous and leading company in the Dutch travel industry, with more than 25 years of experience in snow travel. KIC and Skistuds together organize the yearly skiing trip including skiing pass and accommodation in one of the best hotspots of the French Alps. At the destination itself the cooperation transfers to La Grotte du Yeti, which will guarantee a great time! Would you also like to come along with our skiing trip? Keep an eye out for information on our Facebook!